How to Use a Battery Operated Hand Held Hedge Trimmer

Cutting hedges and shrubs using manual shears is both time-consuming and exhausting. This is the reason why it is a good thing that automatic trimmers, such as electric grass shears, were developed to make gardening easier.

There is a lot of automatic equipment available today, but the battery operated hand held hedge trimmer is much preferred when trimming hedges and shrubs. Though a gas powered model and an electric garden shear can also do the job, a battery operated tool is more popular because it is easier to use when moving around due to the lack of wires attached to it, plus it is much quieter than gas powered ones.

Things to Do Before Using a Battery Operated Hand Held Hedge Trimmer

Cordless trimmers are fun and easy to use. These amazing gardening tools can cut through the branch of a hedge with blazing speed and precision accuracy. However, these tools are quite dangerous to use when unprepared. This is why it is very important to perform the necessary safety check in order to avoid accidents from occurring.


Before you start trimming with a battery operated hedge trimmer, you must first do the following:

  1. Check your surroundings. Make sure that you clear the work area from any obstacles that may cause accidents.
  2. Keep children and pets away from the workspace. It is advisable to cordon off the work area to ensure that everyone is safe and secured.
  3. Wear work gloves, eye goggles, and safety shoes. It is also recommended to wear ear buds, thick pants, and long-sleeve shirts or overalls.
  4. Clear the work zone of any debris that may cause the trimmer to jam.
  5. Make sure that your hand held grass trimmer is properly charged for the work needed to be done.

Once you have done the necessary safety precautions mentioned above, you can now safely use your equipment.


How to Use a Battery Operated Hedge Trimmer

When using the trimmer, you must move towards the hedges that you want to trim, standing comfortably with one foot in front of the other for balance and for maintaining a safe distance from the trimmer’s blade.

Securely hold the trimmer with two hands when you turn it on and begin cutting in a circular motion from the bottom up. Make sure that you take your time and use the tool at a comfortable speed to avoid accidents.

When you need to cut the top of the hedge, do this by holding the hedge trimmer straight in front of you, cutting the top of the hedge with a sideway motion for a nice clean finish.

After you are done trimming your hedges, turn off your tool and place it in a suitable work zone. Carefully remove any debris that got stuck into the trimmer and clean the blades appropriately.

After you are finished cleaning the equipment, store it in a safe area away from children and pets.

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