Maintenance Tips: How to Take Care of A Pool

Having a pool at home is one of the amazing things but it’s important for the pool owners to keep the pool care. Everyone love to swim in the pool with the crystal blue sparkling water free from any kind of dust or algae that can be very unhygienic and have a harmful effect on the swimmers health.

Since there are different kinds of pool that are installed in various homes therefore, the maintenance of each pool too varies accordingly. But what is common for these pools is that the water condition in it keeps deteriorating. As well as gets bad if the maintenance of the hygienic things are not proper over the period of time.

With every pool comes a manufacturer label that helps in bringing out the correct steps on the tips that one should follow to cleanse your pool. These kinds of things should be properly followed so that the care of the pool is maintained in a correct manner. If the pool is maintained in a balanced manner then it can sustain for a longer amount of time without any kind of constant repair as well as the issues pertaining towards the resurfacing of the pool.

Clean Out All The Dead Debris

The first and the main thing that should be done is to clean out all kind of debris that falls off from the leaves. This is one of the easiest methods to clean the pool. The debris that floats over the pool will ultimately lead towards the sinking under the water. It will accumulate there by leading towards the algae formation and growth of water bugs inside the pool.


Properly Vacuum The Pool And Brush

Another thing that should be controlled is that the pool should be properly cleaned through the help of a vacuum pump that can remove the dead algae or any kind of bugs inside the pool. This process should be followed every week in order to get the best results and make your pool clean with positive results. As per the type of the pool as well as the design of the pool the vacuum should be used. Once the vacuum is done through the pump you should use the brush that again is depended on the type of the pool. Through brushing against the tiles you are able to remove the things in a proper manner.

Once you have done the vacuum process you should check upon the filter system as it is used in the most effective manner therefore you should have a constant check for the quality of these things. Only vacuuming is not the essential thing, what is significant is the brushing up of the tiles that will remove any kind of possibility of algae formation. As per the material of the pool walls one should buy the brush of the pool.

It is mandatory that for the soft tiles of the pool the brush which has to be used should be of the soft bristles so that the quality of the tiles are not impacted in a bad manner. Also uses a very stiff brush for the pools which are made up of a vinyl material are very hard. Similarly go for the stiff brush for the materials like concrete pools. Some pool owners also use the pumice stone or a knife to clean their pool surface so as to properly follow the cleaning purpose.

Keep The Filter Of The Properly Clean

It is observed that for various pools there are about three kinds of pool filters i.e. the sand filter, cartridge filter and the diatomaceous earth. As per the type of the pool filters the maintenance process are quite different. So, one should always follow the step to clean the pool as per the type. For salt water swimming pool you can use systems and sand filter pumps.

As pool is the most essential factor therefore it should be cleaned more often than the times as per the suggested ones. It is basically the filtration process that helps in the determination of the cleanliness. It is seen that the efficiency of the pool is depended upon the amount of dirt in it as it helps in trapping more particles inside the filter. But it should be always keep clean and should be cleaned with the help of the professionals.  Keep a constant check over the pressure gauge and as soon as the difference reaches to about ten to fifteen pounds one should be prepared to clean the filter.


Call For A Professional Help For The Cleaning Of Pool Heaters

Though the pool heaters require hardly any amount of maintenance still they should be cleaned in a perfect manner. The gas heaters can work amazingly well for a lot of years as compared to the electric one. Yet the specific care should be conducted over the pool that helps in the calcium build up over the pipes as well as over the equipments. Thus ensuring the maintenance of the pool in a much more proper manner. The calcium build up will prevent the heater to get the water to be properly heated so it is essential to clean the heater by calling a professional.

It is very important to call for the professional as the assembling of the pipes and internal cleaning is required through the help of the chemicals. These things require a professional help.

Constantly Check On The Water Level

Other important thing that needs to be done is that the water level should be properly checked. As it is observed that a lot of water is wasted during the swimming activity. Apart from it the process of evaporation too takes place thus leading towards the loss in water.

People also indulge into activities like splashing, exiting and throwing water on each other as a means of fun and entertainment. The skimmer should be used to check the water level. The water level if is reduced then it will impact on the pump which will lead to a lot of problems in the basic functioning of the pool. If in case the water is reduced then with the help of the garden hose the water level should be properly checked upon and should be maintained.

Maintain The pH Level Of The Pool

The pool water should be properly checked and regulated to ensure that the pH is maintained. As the pH scale generally measures from 0 to 14 it should be constantly regulated into the range between 7.2-7.8 that is the perfect range of developing the safe zone for the swimmers. It not only synthesizes safety but also ensures that the efficiency of the water has to be maintained.


Through the help of the testing pool kit one can easily manage the pH of the pool. There are various kinds of pool kits available in the market. But the most authentic ones are the strips that help in bringing out the real statics. As per the pH of the water the colour will change thereby ensuring whether the water is acidic or alkaline. Hence you just have to undergo the strip test to get the positive results of your pH status of the pool waters.

Chlorinate The Water Of The Pool

The most important thing that has to be done is to use the organic compounds like ammonia and nitrogen in the pool. It is essential to have the chlorine in a proper manner inside your pool. The chlorine shock treatment is the mandatory treatment inside the pool.

Repair the Leakage

If there is any kind of leakage which is found inside the pool then you should immediately call for the professional and get it repaired. Hence, through following these easy tips you will ensure that the pool is properly maintained. During the off season i.e. winters you should be little careful and should undergo the process of winterizing the pool as the temperature gets lowered down and can create problem to your pool.

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